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VIS6400 Series Vision Inspection Systems
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VIS6400 Series Vision Inspection Systems

VIS 6400 is Automated Optical Inspection for electronic boards application, pre and post reflow test of all of the manufacturing defects with a high reliability and repeatabity it is designed for high-mix/low-volume manufacturing applications. The system checks for presence/absence, misalignment, turned component, tombstoning, marking, polarity, curved leads and soldering defects.

VIS 6400 is build on the base of X/Y Linear Motors Gauntry and CMOS digital camera with IEEE 1394 interface for transmission of the video signal which gives a perfect picture and firmness of noises. The Servo controllers for the Linear Motors are with linear encoders (1 micron resolution) and are controlled by optically isolated CAN interface. The system is operated by a standard PC with 17" LCD TFT and Microsoft's WindowsXP OS.

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